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Safety first

      The safety of your audience, our crew, and other performers is utmost in our minds at all times.

A site visit is essential for every display we produce to ensure we not only select firework material that compliments your event, but most importantly that the material is suitable, and safe for your site.

Based on the results, a site specific risk assessment and method statement is written. Whilst not everyone’s favourite bedtime reading the quality of our risk assessments have impressed those who need to be impressed and we have won displays on the strength of this area.


Fuse Fireworks carries £10m insurance, 365 days a year as standard. This can be increased as necessary.

It’s worth noting that most display companies only carry £5 million insurance.

Since 2010, Fuse Fireworks have been full members of the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA)

The BPA is the trade body that represents UK professional firework display companies. The Association is committed to maintaining high standards amongst its members, whose activities include the manufacture, importation, sale, transportation, training and use of display fireworks.

All displays are led by one of Fuse Firework’s senior pyrotechnicians.

Our refresher and training courses are continually reviewed and updated, to ensure all our firers are amongst the best trained in the UK

The BPA also operates firers training which is accredited by City and Guilds, and aimed at ensuring the highest standards of firework display safety www.bpa-fmg.org.uk/