Environmental Responsibility

                             We take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Fireworks can be a social and environmental menace, but used carefully and sensibly they needn’t be. We avoid the use of excessively loud fireworks in all our displays (unless requested not to do) and respect that not everyone loves fireworks like we do. In the main those that don’t like fireworks hate them for the loud bangs they can sometimes produce, but it is perfectly achievable to design a great fireworks display without these effects, and therefore not run the risk of upsetting small children, your neighbours or animals.


We source all our fireworks from ethically and environmentally sound suppliers who are mainly based in China. We ensure, as best we can, that the fireworks we buy are produced under fair and reasonable conditions.


Fuse Fireworks has a recycling policy and the majority of firework casings we select are made from cardboard, paper and clay. We try to avoid using fireworks that contain plastic units, although polythene bags are used for waterproofing as necessary. The Fuse team will recycle as much of the spent fireworks as possible, separating out the cardboard and paper.


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