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“A funeral is not a day in a lifetime. It is a lifetime in a day.”

Celebration of Life

Research shows that more and more people wish to make their passing a happier occasion; more of a celebration.


Including a firework display is a wonderful way to do this and to celebrate the life of someone special. Either as the conclusion to the wake, or perhaps even weeks later, as part of a memorial service when ashes can be scattered using fireworks.


To make the display really very special the fireworks can be choreographed to a unique soundtrack of much-loved music with the display content being loud and spectacular, quiet and exquisite; large or small, but most importantly, it should be exactly what would suit the person.


Once you have made the decision to include fireworks in a celebration of life, you can leave the rest to the Fuse Fireworks team and you can be confident that we will manage everything with sensitivity and respect.